What is RPA ? (Reverse Parenting Assessments Packages)

Potton Kare Services are responding to feedback from Local Authorities, Parents and Legal Representatives who are reporting difficulties in finding Mother and Baby Assessment placements with availability, and are now offering Reverse Parenting Assessment Packages.

Reverse Parenting Assessments offer 24/7 observations and support, from a skilled team of Family Support Workers, in the comfort of the family's home.
The assessment observations are the same as within the residential setting; basic care of baby or child, ensuring safety, emotional warmth, stimulation, guidance and boundaries and stability.

The assessment is led by a qualified/experienced Independent Social Worker who receives feedback and reports from the 24/7 team.

Our ISW's are also able to provide PAM's assessments if required.

What are the other benefits of choosing Reverse Parenting Assessment?

 In addition to placement shortages, there are of course many other benefits to choosing a Reverse Parenting Assessment:

• Cost.

• Can be tailored to each family's needs (not restricted to residential placement policies/procedures).

• Family can be assessed in a familiar/natural environment.

• ssues (social, cultural, personal) caused by having 2/3 families sharing a residence are eradicated.

• Parents are more relaxed and therefore better able to learn.

• Allocated Family Support Workers are able to address and support with additional factors such as housing issues.

• Employment, budgeting etc.

• Larger families (fathers and additional children etc) are able to be included in the observations/assessment.

• Allows the family more independence whist also managing risks.

• Timescales can be determined by the Local Authority based on risk, court availability, family's needs etc.